Speaking of news stories on new polls

Courtesy of the L.A. Times:  Prop 19 trailing badly, poll shows.

I found the demographic breakdown the most interesting part of the story.  Here’s the money quote:

“Likely voters younger than 40 are in favor of it by 48% to 37%, but older voters, who say they are more enthusiastic about voting in this election, are not. Among likely voters 65 and over, only 28% support the measure, while 59% said they were opposed.”

In 1972, a similar Proposition 19 was voted down by 66% of the electorate.

Were the Grateful Dead out of town?

If passed, that Prop. 19 would have simply decriminalized marijuana use and growing, but not sales.  In the argument against passage, State Senator H. L. Richardson and
Dr. Harden Jones closed with the following statement:

Proposition 19 would open the door to every possible act of conduct endangering others. Law
enforcement would be taxed beyond limits to cope with the problems created by the passage of
this measure. With any person legally capable of cultivating his own “weed” patch, it would be
impossible to enforce existing legislation.

Good thing voters were smart enough to vote to keep marijuana illegal, avoiding the hellish scenario of law enforcement being taxed beyond their limits, having to try to enforce laws that would be impossible to enforce, right?  If this new poll is correct, it sounds like the same crowd of people will be making the same decision for us all.

They may not have had much political saavy, but they sure made great posters.

Like I said, can’t wait till this is all over with.



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