Putting the medical in medical marijuana

Someday, scientists will finally manage to take the fun out of pain relief.  This article from science guys shows why the “medical marijuana” political platform is a slippery slope to someplace other than where most of its supporters think it’s going.   Whee?

In rats, treatment with MDA19 effectively reduced specific types of neuropathic pain, with greater effects at higher doses. At the same time, it did not seem to cause any of the behavioral effects associated with marijuana.

Here’s my question:  What sort of sick bastard devotes his life to taking away the one thing that makes life as a lab rat bearable?  Oh well, maybe they’ll finally be able to focus on some way out of that cage.  Meanwhile, I’m just going to keep hiding from scientists.

What, me worry?


1 Response to “Putting the medical in medical marijuana”

  1. July 12, 2010 at 12:33 am

    Haha, good point. I mean, it must be pretty miserable to be a rat, so let them, and us, have their fun. http://stonerdiary.wordpress.com

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