Summer CAMP

It’s marijuana eradication season again, and Steve Elliot at News Junkie Post offers one more reason why in his latest post, “Marijuana Busts: ‘Where the Money Is’ for Police.”   Despite the political rhetoric about leaving the states to their own devices, the Feds are still applying pressure through funding practices that take on the appearance of a fiscal lifeline for struggling law enforcement agencies.   Elliot writes:

In addition to the $3.6 billion being spent by the U.S. Justice Department this year, augmenting budgets of state and local law enforcement, the federal government set aside last year almost $4 billion in additional economic stimulus package funds.

The White House is also spending about $239 million in 2010 to fund local “drug trafficking task forces” — which, in the real world, usually means local cops dressing up like Rambo and tramping about in the woods in a wasteful, quixotic and doomed attempt to stop the burgeoning marijuana industry.

Follow the link for an earlier Elliot diatribe against CAMP.


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