Pick out the animal in the video

What the fuck is wrong with the police?  Is it just the exaggerated authority, or is there some sort of underlying pathology at work, something particular to that job?

I don’t want to sound entirely contemptuous.   I respect the notion of risk-taking on behalf of an unappreciative public, at least in the abstract.  As critical as I am about the exercise of authority in this country – historically – I believe some kind of police force is necessary.  We Americans are crazy, after all.  And I’m not saying all cops are bad.  I’ve known some who weren’t complete assholes, but the non-assholes seem to represent a pretty small minority in their tribe.

Anyway, Radley Balko has been tallying up the damage in Cop v. Dog encounters, and he shared this video in his latest post for Reason.  Don’t watch if you like dogs.   Or cops.

[Spoiler-alert:  The fat stupid-looking one draws his gun first, but it’s the other stupid-looking one who actually kills the dog, after he has it entirely subdued.]

Fucking cops.  And the real problem isn’t these two clowns; it’s the fact that this kind of behavior is tolerated and hidden away for the sake of camaraderie, or unit cohesion, or brotherhood – the euphemisms change, but the priorities are the same.


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