So much for the green rush

Speaking of L.A., over 900 dispensaries that opened while the L.A. City Council waited to see if doing nothing would be better than Oakland/S.F.’s plan of careful management and regulation may be forced to close.  I wonder if the growers up here will feel the effect.  It’s been interesting to see how the growing cycle affects people’s moods and attitudes – the crop’s in, everyone’s happy; on the other hand, EVERYONE’S crop’s in, so demand has been lower than supply.  Losing  90% of the legal outlets in one of the biggest markets in the state may have a ripple-effect all the way up the coast.

Here’s the story from the L.A. Times:

Medical Marijuana: LA City Council Approves Pot Ordinance, Shuttering Hundreds Of Shops

Money quote:  “No one is exactly sure how many pot clinics there are in Los Angeles – the best estimate is somewhere between 800 and 1,000 – and getting the owners to comply with the ordinance will likely be met with resistance.”

And they intend to cap it at 70!


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